Mad Bastard Scooter Rally 2013

And here's the new logo ...
And here’s the new logo …

We’re already starting to get inquires about the 2013 MBSR so we thought it was about time we revealed the date and location (drum roll please):

Fortunately in 2013 the summer solstice lands right on the weekend and so we’re going to have maximum light for the ride on the weekend of the 21/22/23 of June.

As for location. we did try to move it to Kingston but failed to find the perfect hotel so we’re heading back to Belleville and the Travelodge hotel, which is the same location for the 2007 rally, only it’s changed its name and been smartened up.

Since there is a lot of interest in the event and only 99 spots we’re going to stagger the registration by class, one week apart so that the 50 cc scooters in straitjacket class get first bite to register – which seems fair as they are the maddest bastards.

I cannot see it being a problem to get a slot for the smaller classes but it maybe for the maxi scoots. Traditionally we open registration on April 1st, but may bring that forward so that you know for sure that you’re in and can prep accordingly.

The new 2013 website will be launched in January 2013, but you can still register for the MBSR mailing list on the current site to ensure that you get notice of any news updates (like this one for instance).

Looking forward to the biggest and maddest MBSR to date. Get your mad bastardness on!


  1. Hard at work finding a proper Mad Bastard outfit for event. The Ducati has been coaching the Honda Yellow C70 how to compete against such worthy riders. Maybe “arris” could set up a few laps around Shannonville as tune up before the “Big Event”. See you there.

  2. The Travelodge is where I stayed when doing the FAST course at Shannonville last summer. Clean and comfortable and reasonably priced. Also has a large covered parking area.

  3. Man, that’s in my backyard … Scooterman will be back in full tuck, to run with whatever luck the gods bestow upon him, as if they really give a fuck. However I digress … the cape will fly yet again in the quest for madness through light and darkness, where his mighty strength will rescue beautiful maidens in distress with his firm but gentle caress, under their dress, all whilst saving poor rotten souls (such as ‘arris) from themselves. Up Up and awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  4. I’m already practicing my twitching, drooling, and talking to myself in preparation! Which, strangely enough, attracts absolutely no comment on the TTC.

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