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Put a ring on it, got a driving ban

Andrew Stevens Photo: Daily Mail

People react to their engagement different ways; some folks spend the rest of their life bemoaning their fate as a married man, others go out and pull wheelies as they accelerate towards 250 km/h on an R1.

At least, that’s what U.K. motojournalist Andy Stevens did, and he did it in front of an unmarked police bike. Naturally, he ended up in court over the stunt, where he faced all sorts of dire threats. He ended up with a bunch of fines (almost $1000 CAD) and a three-month driving ban, much to the anger of road safety groups, who seemed to think he should have been burned at the stake for endangering himself.

How did Stevens dodge more serious punishment? Simple – like a man, he ‘fessed up to his dastardly crime in court. Oh yes, and then he cried and asked for mercy, saying “I made a stupid mistake. This was going to be the last year I ever had a bike like that. It’s a shame it’s ended this way. You will never see me again.”

So, apparently he’ll be riding scooters for the rest of his motojournalism career. At least the new wife should be cool with that.

Story source: Daily Mail

The Goon

Here’s a YouTube video that came out in 2011, featuring a Professional Goon from Ontario. Some of you may have seen it before, but for those who haven’t, watch it for keen insight into motorcycle riding, bike maintenance, and life in general.

Free bikes

Sure it’s only a Bajaj, but you could do worse for a cell phone promotion.

Everybody who’s in love with their cell phone provider, raise your hand. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? … Bueller? …

If you’ve got a beef with Rogers or Bell (and few Canadians haven’t, at one point or another), maybe you should move to Liberia, where cell service provider Cellcom is rewarding 100 customers with new motorcycles.

Of course, there’s a catch – the bikes are from Bajaj. Still, a bike is a bike, and Cellcom is also giving away a helmet, gloves and protective jumpsuit away with each bike. Not only will you have a new set of wheels, you’ll also look like Evel Knievel.

Story source:

Radar down

Speed cameras, eh? Problem solved, thanks to this French cop. Photo: TV1

Everybody hates radar speed cameras – even cops it seems. At least, they hate them in France. Check out this photo from French TV, showing an unidentified cop pulling a garbage bag over a camera, to disable it. Supposedly, the police are doing this because they’re sick of bogus fines and quotas, but we’re also betting it has something to do with threatened job security.

In either case, this is an officer who may not be upholding the law, but he’s doing bikers a service!

Story source: Bikes in the Fast Lane

Crash clips

At first, this is just another collection of generic motorcycle crashes, but the sequence starting at 1:10 is pure gold!


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