Born Free 4 DVD released

Former AMA 250GP roadracing champ Roland Sands built this Aermacchi cafe racer for the Born Free show this year. Photo:

Choppers are dead, but don’t tell that to the guys at the Born Free show.

Born Free is a grassroots custom motorcycle show held in Southern California in the summer; it’s not all about show bikes like the stuff cranked out by Orange County Choppers (who had their show canceled earlier this month). It’s about dudes with welders and hammers and hacksaws, putting things together in their backyards and garages.

It’s not just about choppers, either. There are plenty of cafe racer customs as well, for those of you who hate raked-out front ends and hardtails. Over 3,000 bikes are on display at the event, and over 10,000 riders show up.

Now, Lowbrow Customs has an official two-disc CD/DVD set available featuring this year’s show, Born Free 4. If you’re curious about the show but don’t have the money to fly to SoCal, $24.99 will get you an hour-long DVD and a CD with 100 photos of the show’s best bikes. If you want to know more, click here to visit their site, or watch the YouTube clip below.

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