Stacey Nesbitt racing Qatar

A new AMA series could give Canadian riders like Stacey Nesbitt (seen here racing in Qatar) a chance to further develop skills before moving up to bigger machines. Photo: Statoni Racing/Facebook
Stacey Nesbitt, trackside in Qatar. Photo: Statoni Racing/Facebook

Canadian CBR250 racing champion Stacey Nesbitt has made it to Qatar, where she’s getting ready for her second free practice on the official schedule.

Last month, we told you Nesbitt had received a wild card invitation to race in the Asia Dream Cup’s 250 series, when it visited the Middle Eastern track.

She’s in-country now, and her Statoni Racing team is prepping the bike for the day’s practice, according to her Facebook status this morning. If you want to see how she’s doing, you can keep an eye on her progress on the Statoni Racing Facebook page. If all goes well, she’ll face qualifying practice tonight after this morning’s free practice, and then there are two races tomorrow.


  1. After second practice:
    “8+ seconds faster than yesterday after a pretty major change of bike setup – steadily getting faster.
    Yesterday was pretty must lost except to help learn the track.
    Stacey says the bikes are quite different to what she was used to in Canada.
    Pat was able to make a much better set up today.
    These guys have been riding them all season too.
    Hopefully she can gain more time in Qualifying.
    Targeting a top 10. Steady progress is good “

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