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Mid-life crisis?

Secretly, Prince Charles just wants to stick it to The Man and ride off into the sunset, with Camilla on back. Except, he is The Man. Photo: The Mirror.

Nobody, it seems, is immune to the horrors of mid-life crisis. Normal, sensible people are turning to cruisers in their middle age, professional people, like dentists, lawyers, and doctors. And Prince Charles. At least, that’s what the photo looks like.

Actually, the photo was part of a Poppy Day photo-op, with motorcyclists from the Royal British Legion Riders Branch. Perhaps Charles saw the opportunity to gain some Vladimir Putin-style street cred? After all, Putin’s well-known for partying with the Russian Night Wolves motorcycle club.

At least the prince didn’t dress up like a road pirate for the photo, but it’s a real pity he didn’t strap on a pudding bowl helmet and some goggles and throw his leg over a Triton at the Ace.

Crash and burn

Ever watch a motorcycle stunt on TV and wonder how many times the riders crashed before they perfected their tricks?

Well, this should give you an idea, courtesy of Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus 3D, coming soon on DVD …

Macht Schnell!

What do you do if you’re the U.S. Olympic two-man bobsled team, and you haven’t won a gold since the 1930s?

We’d suggest giving up, but the Yankees are made of sterner stuff than that.

No, they won’t surrender – instead, they’re getting BMW’s Designworks USA to help them design a quicker sled. After all, there’s nothing like getting a German company to help you regain your national pride.

Crazy as this sounds, though, it’s not without precedent! Check out the video below – BMW has had history with bobsledding in the past.

Story source: Gizmag

Killing corrosion

It costs almost $100, but this cover is supposed to stop your bike from rusting. Photo: Zerust

Motorcycles rust. That’s why you’re supposed to store them indoors. But what if you don’t have a garage?

Here’s the solution to your problem – the Zerust cover. Supposedly, this motorcycle cover will emit an harmless anti-rust vapor that protects your motorcycle from rust. Sounds a bit like the CMG offices after ‘Arris polishes off a cold can of beans in ‘onour of ‘is English upbringing – except those vapours are anything but harmless.


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