EICMA 2012: A brute of a bike

Here's the Brutus, a go-anywhere bike. Those tires are likely large enough that the bike will even float. Photo: VL
Here’s the Brutus, a go-anywhere bike. Those tires are likely large enough that the bike will even float.

Take a look at this madcap rig our photographer spotted at EICMA.

The view from the back. Those are Maxxis Bighorn tires.

Is it a quad? A motorcycle? A TW200 on steroids? A BW350 that’s gained the strength of ten Grinches, plus two? It’s hard to say …

According to EICMA’s info, the Brutus was designed by one Alessandro Tartarini, and the final version of the bike will be sold by spring of 2013, sold under the OVER brand. According to their details, the machine wasn’t built for speed (obviously, looking at those wheels), but for the feeling it gives you while riding. They’re calling it a true SUV on two wheels. We’re not sure if that’s a compliment or not.

On to the details: The bike has a liquid-cooled DOHC 750 cc motor with EFI (with claimed 45 hp) and two-speed CVT transmission, and dry centrifugal clutch. There’s an optional reverse, and a snow kit available, with skis. At least, that’s what the press release seems to say. Other accessories available will include a sidecar, tow bar, winch kit and generator.

Front forks are 43 mm units. Front and rear brakes are both 260 mm stainless steel discs with floating calipers. Saddle height is 850 mm, and front and rear tires are both 14 mm units. Those tires are Maxxis Bighorns.

This is supposed to be a true go-anywhere bike, aimed at a customer who wants to travel through sand, mud, snow, or whatever else they encounter. Will it go from a whacky concept bike to market? We’ll know that by next spring, if they meet their deadline.


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  3. I’ve seen something similar in the Rokon two wheel drive motorcycles. http://www.rokon.com/

    In fact, I was surprised that the features don’t include front wheel drive.

    http://youtu.be/SZ54nsI5Qvg <- Rokon in use

    http://youtu.be/odndoO-HsKs <- Rokon Mud drag

    Imho, that front end is never going to live up to the Rokon, so why would I want to buy an over weight bike with a lousy front end when I could go with KTM, or Husky with a great power to weight ratio and the ability to hop logs or other obstacles?

  4. I like it. I’m not sure why, but … at least it’s not the same old re-hashed design. Unless you compare it to the old Yamaha 250s or the dual-powered-wheel crawlers… but htis is something different.

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