EICMA 2012: Suzuki, BMW updates

Look - it's BMW's latest mid-range tourer, the F800GT.
Look – it’s BMW’s latest mid-range tourer, the F800GT.

Earlier today, we said BMW and Suzuki were fairly quiet at EICMA.Well, here’s a look at a couple bikes they’ve introduced since then.


Here’s Suzuki’s V-Strom 1000 concept. Supposedly, it will be built in 2014.

Rumours about BMW’s F800GT have been swirling since September. We got another look at the bike today at EICMA.

It puts out 90 hp from a 798 cc vertical twin (the old F800 ST – replaced by the GT – made 85 hp). The bikes will have a maintenance-free belt drive and ABS, and optional stability control and electronically adjustable suspension.

The bike has a 207 kg load capacity. The bags are an optional accessory, it seems. We don’t have Canadian pricing or availability yet.

And what about Suzuki? Well, here are a few new shots of their V-Strom 1000 concept bikes. Check the gallery for more shots.


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  1. […] Suzuki started teasing this bike on the show circuit last fall. We got a look at the concept/prototype back then, and the site doesn’t really give away any more details on the bike’s appearance. They’re still saying the bike (visually based on Suzuki’s DR750, the legendary “Doctor Big”) will be released in 2014. […]

  2. The BMW can hold 207 kg of luggage? I think that would be a world record. Can’t figure out why they’re not really hyping that fact! I wonder how it would handle in the twistys with that payload?

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