Aprilia previews 2013 Caponard

It's the same bike we saw back in February, but this is a much better look at it.
It’s the same bike we saw back in February, but this is a much better look at it.

We had our first look at Aprilia’s 2013 Caponard back in February, but now the company has released a much better photo, just before unveiling the bike at EICMA next week (we presume).

The machine appears to have the same motor and frame as Aprilia’s Dorsoduro 1200. The Dorsoduro puts out 130 hp and 85lb/ft of torque, so this bike will be a real powerhouse; however, the Dorsoduro’s not exactly a lightweight either, at 223 kg. If the Caponard weighs more, then it’s going to be a questionable choice in the adventure touring role.

But is that really the role Aprilia has in mind? Everybody had this bike pegged as a big-bore adventure bike, but it doesn’t really appear to have dirty intentions. Those tires are hardly knobbies. Maybe this is intended to be a super-powered version of Kawasaki’s Versys?


  1. Not sure why all North American motorcycle scribs have this notion in their minds that an Adventure bike has to be an off road bike? That’s why there is a category that is call off road bikes! There is lots of Adventure to be found on a lot of different rides and let’s be honest, 95% or higher will never take their Adventure bike on anything more than a dirt road, which I am sure the likes of a Caponord, Versys 1000, V-Strom etc. etc. will handle just fine. Adventure is what you make of it, not what someone in a marketing department or motorcycle magazine is telling you it should be.

    • I think it’s because, take away off-road capability, and there is nothing to differentiate an adventure bike from any other machine. Really, an adventure bike that can’t handle a bit of off-road is just a sport tourer with long-travel suspension.

      Sure, there is lots of adventure to be had on different rides. But if you are just going to call a bike an adventure bike because you can get thrills on it, then by that definition, a BMW S1000RR is an adventure bike.

      I think adventure bike is a term that riders sort of made up to describe a dual-sport bike that was intended to tour. Then marketers got ahold of it and started applying it to anything with a long-travel suspension and a set of Trailwings. Sure, some of those bikes can be pretty adventurous in their own way – but when I had the Wee-Strom this summer, I was a lot more careful where I took it, than I would have been on my DR650. Smashing your oil filter and header pipe because your bike bottomed out on a trail rut takes a lot of the fun out of the “adventure.” When I had the NC700X in NFLD (story to come later this year), it didn’t even handle some of the pavement that well, and it’s labeled an adventure bike (although, on Honda’s website, it’s under the standard section).

  2. Adventure Bike? Guess any ride on any bike can be an adventure but personally, think I would prefer a 19 inch front hoop! Narrower and more selection the the likes of the Dempster or Trans Lab?

  3. It’s obvious that the Multistrada was in their sights given the 17 inch wheels and mounts that look like they would accept the Multistrada saddlebags.

    • Yeah, but I doubt it’ll steal many sales away from the BMW’s GS series. It may be called an adventure tourer, but I don’t think many folks will buy it to run off-road. Sure, you may be able to ride it in dirt, but I used to ride my Yamaha XS650 Heritage Special off-road all the time, and no stretch of the imagination would ever call that an adventure bike.

            • A pal owned one of those. As I road off on my Rz500 and then purchased
              an RG 500 Gamma, I thought, why?

              Pal in question then bought an FJ 1100.
              ‘Course, after I bought the first of my three Grand Nationals ,
              he got a Ford Mustang 5.0.

              If that does not tell you anything, then one should not ….

      • As the price of the BMW GS exits the gravitational pull of the earth people will look for similar capabilities elsewhere at more reasonable prices. I certainly did.

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