US Highland planning to sell motorcycles next year

Here's a glimpse of the Highland street tracker that's coming in 2013. They aren't giving much information on the bike on the website yet.
Here’s a glimpse of the Highland street tracker that’s coming in 2013. They aren’t giving much information on the bike on the website yet.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about US Highland motorcycles, but the company is planning on introducing their new street tracker as early as January 2013.

The upstart made-in-the-USA motorcycle manufacturer (born out of the ashes of Swedish Highland Motorcycles) was originally planning to establish its dealer network back in 2011, and sell hundreds of off-road bikes a year. But when three of its top executives were killed in a plane crash in 2010, everything went back to the drawing board.

Now the company has been sold to new owners, and they’re planning on bringing a new motorcycle to the market this winter. It’s a street tracker with classic lines; from the pictures on their website, it seems that it features one of their V-twin motors, but it’s unclear which one. It’s possible that buyers can pick which motor they want, whether it’s the 750, 950, or 1150 cc models. Their advertising promises buyers a lot of options for factory customization, and it’s possible this is one of those options.

From Highland’s site, it also appears customers can buy those engines (or one of the company’s single-cylinder engines) as crate motors, as well. The site also says they have new dirt, sport and adventure machines coming in 2013. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

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