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The coolest getaway

Ever wonder if Steve McQueen, the King of Cool, would have made the famous jump in the Great Escape if only he’d had the right fuel? Here’s Shell’s take on that …

Crashing, Norris-style

This YouTube crash allgededly features Chuck Norris’s son crashing his cruiser. Whether it’s Norris Jr. or not, it’s hard to say, but dude is lucky. Very lucky. Ain’t no Steve McQueen either …

The taxman cometh

Melandri sits and thinks about what he’s done …

How fast do you have to be to make a clean getaway from the law? Pretty fast, it seems – faster than a pro racer. Marco Melandri found that out the hard way last week when he was slapped with a one-year, seven-month suspended sentence for tax evasion in his Italian homeland.

It turns out Melandri moved to the U.K. and didn’t pay all his Italian taxes after he left. Alas for him, the long arm of the law snagged him, and now he’s going to have to pay up for the years 2003 to 2005, or he’s going to miss a significant chunk of his WSBK season next year.

A different kind of display

Ever get tired of seeing the same old, same old at motorcycle shows? Here’s a display that should make things more interesting.


  1. Ahhh … The Great Escape. One of the greatest films ever made. Some trivia:
    Who wrote the score? (hint: he also wrote the score for the greatest film ever;
    Animal House).
    Who was the coolest guy in the film? (hint: he used to drive a Firebird).
    Who was the second coolest guy in the film? (hint: he used to talk to dolphins).
    Who wrote the book? (hint: I met him).
    Who was the technical advisor? (hint: I met him).

    If only Paul Newman and Sean Connery were in this flick, I would be in macho
    heaven! I would stay home on welfare and watch this all day long. The closest
    thing to these boys MAY be Popeye Doyle. (I love films! 😀 )

    A shame this great film was sullied by a bullshit ad.

    • Really? I thought it was kinda funny. My favourite actor in the original was Bronson, but McQueen was pretty cool as well.
      Can’t remember if I read the book or not. I read the Colditz Story by Pat Reid several times when I was younger, and I wish I could track down an affordable full-length version (all I have is the condensed version at the moment). That’s a great POW book.

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