Al Jazeera covers the Isle of Man

Al Jazeera at the IOMTT? It's an idea so crazy it just might work. Photo: Wikipedia
Al Jazeera at the IOMTT? It’s an idea so crazy it just might work. Photo: Wikipedia

No, we’re not making this up.

Al Jazeera ran a documentary on the Isle of Man TT yesterday. This sounds like a Friday Fudge opener, but it’s actually a pretty serious look at the world-famous motorcycle race. Watch it below!


  1. That was MAGIC! Even better than “V Four Victory”.
    Thank you for sharing.

    I remember, years ago, reading in one of the hundred
    bike mags to which I subscribed an article that was
    accompanied with photo of the tourists’ bikes.

    They were all RD500s and RG500s. I vowed then to
    attend. After the British Grand Prix, my pals and I
    decided that our next trip would be IOM. Sadly, I split
    with the wife not long after. Never made it.

    Tate must die. 🙂

  2. Totally enjoyable. Best 48 minutes I’ve spent in quite a while. Al Jazeer is a first class outfit. Excellent report on the TT… Only disappointment is they never mentioned Joey Dunlop.

    • If Fox covered it, there’d be a blue glow surrounding the bike as it sped down the track … Canadian hockey fans who remember FoxTrax should know what I’m talking about.

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