Suzuki's GW250 coming to Canada

Suzuki has officially confirmed the GW250 is coming to North America.
Suzuki’s GW250 is visually based on the B-King musclebike, but it only has a 250 cc motor.

Suzuki’s GW250 is coming to Canada!

It seems to be a bit heavy for a 250, but the styling is going to win some fans, for sure.

Of course, the Baby B-King has been sold around the rest of the world for a while, but hasn’t been available in North America.

We are still waiting for official confirmation on this news, but for now, here’s a look at what we’d get with Suzuki’s quarter-litre naked bike: the machine is powered by a four-stroke liquid-cooled parallel twin. According to international websites, it makes 26 hp at 8,500 rpm and 24 nm of torque at 7,000 rpm.

The bike has EFI, a six-speed transmission, and wet weight seems to be around 180 kg (173 kg dry).

We don’t have any other information (price, ETA, etc.), but we’re watching this one with some interest. The 250 cc segment has been heating up quite a bit in the last couple years, and Suzuki has mainly missed the surge in sales. Could the GW250 make them a bunch of money, and also create some more competition for Honda’s CBR250? Stay tuned …

We’ve got a YouTube video below with some action footage of the bike.

You can see some more statics of the bike in this video. Might want to mute your speakers, though.



  1. A friend of mine in Costa Rica (a Tico) has just bought one; he is a “courier”, and regularly does between 800 – 1000km. in a week; he is absolutely “in-love” with this bike.
    … are we “missing” something here just whining about pricing, when we have a truck-load more disposable income than many other places.
    I guess that it’s probably a matter of priorities before, (or after) the cell-phone, 48″ TV; $5000 stereo; big SUV; $400 ski-jackets; $1000 riding suits; cheap gasoline, etc, etc.
    …. gimme a break!.

  2. 396 lbs wet weight is wayyy too heavy. I like low displacement, lightweight, fun bikes. This one only weighs a little more than a Guzzi V7 Classic. No thanks.

  3. If Suzuki Canada’s pricing of the TU-250 is an example of how they’re going to crack the 250 market, then this one doesn’t have a chance either.

  4. Yeah baby, bring on the lightweights !
    It can’t be a bad thing to reintroduce smaller, more fuel efficient products and perhaps encourage some new ridership ?

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