Harley-Davidson recall

Get your 2012-2013 V-Rod checked out at the dealer.
Get your 2012-2013 V-Rod checked out at the dealer.

Recall #: 2012364
Models Involved: 2012-2013 Harley-Davidson V-Rod (VRSCDX)
Number of Vehicles:
Problem: On certain motorcycles, the licence plate bracket mounting screws could loosen, allowing the plate assembly to contact the rear tire. This could cause the licence plate bracket to rotate and damage the rear brake line, causing a fluid leak.
Correction:  Dealers will remove the rear licence plate mounting screws, apply thread-locking compound, and reinstall, tightening to the specified torque.


  1. While I can understand Mr. X’s comments, it’s not so much the inept ridership as the adept lawyership in their primary market which drives such a banal recall. Likely one V-rod had a licence plate let go and hit the brake line.

  2. Lemme get this straight ? A Harley will shake it’s lic. plate bracket off unless thread locker has been applied ? And if that happens all Hell will break out as flying steel will wreak havock back there. Beanies are not rated for shrapnal ?
    Get to your dealer asap and while your at it ..Oil Change, check yer air pressure with Motor Company Air (the only air warranty approved) …add a ‘blacked out’ doo dad for you too ..
    Gawd save us. How mechanically inept has the Ridership become ?

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