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Corner chaos

Valentine Rossi had a low-side crash at Sepang, and a couple of corner workers tried to haul his bike off the track. Watch the ensuing fracas below.

Street fighting

It’s dangerous out there on the streets. Watch this video to see one rider’s struggles with the cagers around him.

A comedy of errors

Of course, some riders are in more danger from themselves …

Undead nightmare

Here’s a warning that every motorcyclist should heed.

Zombies are nothing but trouble; when the undead aren’t feasting on brains, they’re causing motorcycle accidents.

At least, that’s what’s happening in Atlanta, Georgia, where things got out of hand at the Little Five Points Halloween parade. A motorcycle rider behind the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse float decided he’d pull a wheelie; alas, he had the determination, but not the skill. He ran his bike into the back of the zombie float, injuring himself, his passenger, and a person aboard the float.

There’s one silver lining to the story, though; if he’s brain-dead enough to do something stupid like this, you can bet the hungry zombies will eat his cranial matter last, when the dead rise.

Story source:

Using your gourd

Slap a DOT sticker on it, and you’re good to go.

Keeping with the Halloween theme, check out this new helmet design, likely inspired by Peter Pumpkinhead.

It may not be aerodynamic or feature breaking-edge venting, but at least it’s environmentally friendly. It just might not be that crash-friendly.

Story source: Bikes in the Fast Lane


    • Totally. One of the best songs from one of the best soundtracks to one of the funniest movies of all time. Or least, that’s my call!

    • Are you serious?

      Go back and look at the video again; most of the cagers are exhibiting the usual carelessness about sharing the road.

      Good idea for a montage of footage, would like to see more.

      • Naw David called it. It doesn’t matter if your riding with zombies, your still responsible for yourself. Not them. Same thing for the school bus incident. Entirely preventable. He just had to know the danger was there. Had the intersection been clear, no problem, but because they were there, you have to anticipate that that the guy would pull out on you.

        Notice his reaction on the bike when he gets cut off? He always speeds up and ends up moving into another lane. Good way to get yourself pasted.

        Sorry, but dude on the bike is no better than the those around him.

        • Agreed. This guy is a twit. It’s too bad that his GoPro wasn’t recording his dash. It appears that in many instances he was traveling at a somewhat excessive rate of speed. Not to mention being in the wrong lane, bad lane position, etc….

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