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Piracy on the roads

He’s here for your motorcycle …

While many cruiser riders seem to enjoy dressing up like pirates at least as much as they enjoy riding, they don’t seem to follow through with bloodthirsty acts. After all, if you work as a dentist, lawyer, or CPA, you likely make enough money that you don’t need to stick a brace of pistols in your belt and start robbing your fellow highway travelers.

Except, it seems in Guyana, where piratical thievery is still very much alive, as a man found out recently when his motorcycle was stolen by a gang of thugs. The crims didn’t stick a broken bottle in his face, they didn’t wave a baseball bat menacingly … no, they chased him down and threatened him with cutlasses – just like Blackbeard and Captain Kidd.

Of course, it’s possible the incident has been misconstrued – perhaps the cutlasses weren’t used weapons at all, but were intended to dupe the victim into thinking the bad guys were cruiser riders.

In any case, the local police say they’ve caught the miscreants. There’s no word on whether they perpetrated the crime while soaked in grog …

Story source: Stabroek News

Looking the part

Speaking of cruiser riders dressing like pirates … here’s a how-to video, helpfully provided in case you aren’t quite sure how to nail the look.

Laugh if you want, but looking cool is hard work, and you’ve got to make sure you pull it off right. Otherwise, you’ll look like the goof in this video – sure, he can ride a motorcycle backwards, but his bandanna just isn’t done right. Can anyone take him seriously? He’s got a lot of work to do, rebuilding his street cred.

Ninja skills

No, we’re not talking about the Kawasaki sport bikes. Instead, this is a pedestrian with Ninja skills, who narrowly avoids being run over by a bike.

Four legged bike

How many horsepower do you think this rig puts out?


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