Watch Honda's CRF450 Rally in action

Here's Honda's Dakar bike from last year; they've done some work upgrading it, and chances are, it'll be much better in 2014. Not, of course, that their competition has been sitting idle ...
Honda’s new CRF450-derived rally bike is doing well at Rallye Maroc.

If you’re excited about Honda’s new Dakar challenger, check out the video below.

Honda dominated Dakar in the 1980s, winning the title four straight years from ’86 to ’89. But for some reason, they ended their official presence at the race, and other marques have taken over. In recent years, KTM, with factory riders Marc Coma and Cyril Despres, has been the top manufacturer, with the winners and most of the frontrunners on orange machines.

Honda’s returning to the Dakar rally this year, with a motorcycle based around their CRF450 dirt bike. We’ve seen a few shots of it on the show circuit, but you can look below to see what the machine looks like in action.

By the way, Honda’s new bike is already doing very well at the Rallye Maroc, where Helder Rodrigues (one of Dakar’s top challengers last year) has it in first place, after the first day of riding.


    • Buy one. I told my wife I’m buying one, ‘cuz the DR650 is too big for single track. Looking for a deal on an air-cooled Honda I think – simple to maintain, no rads to replace if I wrap it around a tree, CMG-style.

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