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Welcome to Friday Fudge. If it’s weird, funny, or strange motorcycle news, or it just plain won’t fit anywhere else on the site – you’ll find it here.

Hardcore off-road

Got 45 minutes? Then kick back and watch this high-quality YouTube video of Red Bull’s Romaniacs enduro, held close to Vlad the Impaler’s Transylvanian stomping grounds, in the Carpathian Mountains. This is enduro riding at its best.

A junk bike

“Say fellows, did anyone find that couch a bit heavy when we threw it in?”

Does a motorcycle look like a couch? Keen-eyed CMG readers would likely say no, but a North Carolina garbage truck crew isn’t quite so discerning.

That’s what Joseph Morning of Roanoke Rapids found out when he left his bike parked at the curb under a cover for a night. His girlfriend left home the next day to run an errand and noticed the machine was missing. But, the bike hadn’t been stolen by hoodlums, or grabbed by neighbourhood no-goodniks for a joyride.

No, the bike had been grabbed by a city garbage truck, and crushed. They claimed they mistook it for a couch, which sounds like a bit of a stretch – we’ve seen some cruisers with big seats, but nothing that big. In any case, the city’s insurance is covering the loss. We think they should invest in some optician appointments for their work crews, though, so it doesn’t happen again.

Story source: Fox 4 News

Two wheels bad, three wheels good

Ural sidecars have two things going for them: A long, storied history, and two-wheel drive. But that wasn’t enough for one crazy Russian, who decided he needed a little more traction. Check out his three-wheel drive solution below!

A little action on the side

The 2×2 rack is compatible with many different makes of motorcycles. Photo: Gizmag

Motorcycles are awesome, but what if you want a little pedal-powered action on the side? We’ll forgive you for cheating on your internal combustion engine, and we’ll even go one better – here’s a look at a rack that lets you tote your bicycle aboard your motorcycle. It’s called the 2×2 Bicycle Rack, and will cost you $298.

Although, we’re pretty puzzled as to why anyone would want this setup in the first place. If you really want to get some exercise in the middle of your motorcycle ride, just do it the Editor ‘Arris way, and run out of gas. You’ll sure work up a sweat as you push your bike from house to house, looking to bum some fuel …

Story source: Gizmag

Two-wheeled gunman

This sort of thing only happens in the U.S. With this guy’s slow speed on the bike and with his gun, we’re pretty sure his skills wouldn’t really be any good in a zombie apocalypse, but he’d provide a good diversion as the horde ate him, allowing you to escape.


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