Husqvarna Nuda gets ABS

The Husqvarna Nuda barely made it to market before the company sold. Will the new owners still be able to source those hopped-up BMW motors?
Now, visualize that brake with an ABS sensor added.

Husqvarna’s Nuda was the first street bike the company had built in decades, when they debuted it last year. Now they’re already improving it.

Husqvarna has announced the 2013 model will have ABS, bringing it in line with everything else BMW makes (BMW owns Husky now, in case you’ve forgotten). There’s no word on how much the ABS will bring the bike’s price up (it’s an option on both the 900 and 900 R models). It’ll be Bosch’s 9MP dual-channel ABS system.

Of course, it hasn’t been easy to buy a Husqvarna in Canada for months anyway, since their distributor went belly-up last spring.

This raises more questions about the rest of the BMW-derived machines in Husqvarna’s lineup; the company has a pretty full line-up now, after introducing the TR650 models this year, along with their usual lineup of street-legal enduros. Can the company be planning to include their off-road capable ABS across their lineup in the future?

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