Friday Fudge

Welcome to Friday Fudge. If it’s weird, funny, or strange motorcycle news, or it just plain won’t fit anywhere else on the site – you’ll find it here.

Sleazy salesman

This is a video promoting some customer rewards program we haven’t heard of. Ironically, we suspect anyone who has to resort to this rewards program to sell bikes is likely fairly similar to the salesman in the video.

Wife vs. Road Trip

Anyone who’s ever gone on a motorcycle road trip has had a conversation something like this with the missus.

The title says it all

Even more wheelying failure …

Lucky landing

If you’re in a crash, it’s great if you can walk away from the accident unscathed – like this guy did, literally.


  1. hey ron, keep on farklng that DR – those machines are gold, ya know! I
    haven’t forgotten about your D2D t shirt, Ive just been on the road
    since the D2D and haven’t been able to line up production.

    • Yep, typical left turn accident – it’s the bikers fault. Watch the lights, they turn green just as the bike hits the car, meaning the biker ran the red.

      • Really? If a child was jay walking and the car turned and hit him, you wouldn’t blame the child. The fact is the car driver should not have turned before they ensured the lane was clear. A rider running the light, or a car for that matter, is probably not unusual wherever this was filmed. If it was a semi-tractor and trailer everyone would say that the car driver needs to pay more attention.

  2. Ouch! Three guys getting hurt.
    Hopefully my weekend will go a bit better. I just found some luggage options for my DR650E, the side cases are coming in from California for $150 shipped, and all I have to do is find a supplier for wolfman racks. 😀

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