Peugeot unveils concept trike

Here's what the trike looks like with all the bodywork installed.
Here’s what the trike looks like with all the bodywork installed.

They’re not a well-known name in the motorcycle world, at least in North America, but Peugeot has unveiled a concept three-wheeler.

The trike converts to a step-through.

Like the Piaggio MP3 and Can Am’s offerings, the Onyx Megatrike (that’s what they call it!) runs on two wheels in front, one in back. It’s designed to emulate Piaggio’s Onyx car. It’s a hybrid, with both a 400 cc internal combustion engine and an electric motor. Supposedly, the trike can travel 18 miles at 30 mph under electric power.

The Megatrike also features some interesting bodywork; users are able to convert it to either a step-through that emulates scooter styling, or they can leave the bodywork intact, giving it a more sporty look, with rear-set pegs.

Will it ever see production? Who knows? Plenty of car manufacturers mess around with concept vehicles like this, but nothing usually comes of it.


  1. I lived in Colombia and want to have a quote to see if it possible to but it and brinc it here. Please let me know if you plan to sell ir here or if I have to do all import arregaments.

    Oswaldo Tellez

  2. Wow – an 18 mile range at 30 mph. Even if you lived downtown, you couldn’t commute to downtown. Not bringing anything groundbreaking to the table, are they?

    • Rather underwhealming, isn’t it? Make it as a styling exercise and give it less range than an electric wheelchair? Seems rather pointless, even as a concept.

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