Liberty Racing to skip Magny Cours

Liberty Racing is back for 2013, but without Brett McCormick. Photo: Liberty Racing
Now, Liberty Racing is skipping the French round, and that leaves McCormick without a ride. Photo: Liberty Racing

Brett McCormick just can’t catch a break this year; now, he’s going to miss the final round of the World Superbike series.

It’s not McCormick’s fault, though; Liberty Racing, his team in the WSBK series, is adding another wacky manoeuvre to their long list of  weird moves.

The team has been firing racers all summer (dropping three of the original four riders they had at the season’s start), they skipped the Russian round, and now this.

Supposedly, the bikes are even on the trucks in France, just waiting to be offloaded at Magny Cours. But, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen, so McCormick now has to either sneak on to the grid another way, or start planning for next season.

Our suggestion? Find a new team, one with actual stability.


  1. Very proud of Brett’s accomplishments inspite of uphill battles outside of his control. This guy is going fast and I’m positive there will be a team that will take notice and hire him on. Way to go Brett! Thumbs up for Canadian talent!

  2. Someone at Effenbert should kick Liberty in the ass and say get McCormick there on an Effenbert logoed bike or else. McCormick got way more TV coverage in Portugal than any 5th place finisher ever gets. At least they can salvage some respect by finishing the season.

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