New BMW R1200GS at Intermot

BMW has unveiled their new water-cooled R 1200 GS at Intermot.

New R1200GS looks air-cooled, but the inevitability of liquid-cooling for the Boxer twins has finally arrived, starting with their flagship GS.

While there was much speculation that BMW would punch the motor out to 1250 or even 1300 cc, it seems the German giant is keeping at 1170 cc for now. The motor still sees a decent jump in power, up to 125 hp at 7700 rpm, from 110 hp last year. Max torque is now 125 Nm at 6500 rpm.

Liquid cooling keeps the same displacement but the bonus is extra power.

Much of the engine is still only air-cooled; BMW integrated “Precision Cooling” into the motor. Supposedly, only the parts that need water cooling the most are getting the benefit.

Water cooling and a boost in power isn’t the whole story, though. The bike also gains semi-active suspension, and the shaft drive and swingarm have been switched to the left side of the bike. Tires are 170/60 R17 in back, with 120/70 R19 tires up front, no sign of spoke wheels but BMW usually have them as an option.

And there is the radiator!

More changes include an optional semi-active suspension (base models get re-designed Telelever in front and Paralever in back), redesigned chassis with longer swingarm, adjustable handlebars, an LED main headlight (supposedly a world first on a production bike), optional cruise control and traction control, and five riding modes (Rain, Road, Dynamic, Enduro, and Enduro Pro).

Even more buttons to press.

Ground clearance is also higher, there’s a new instrument cluster, and it will be available in white red, blue and grey. Dry weight has also dropped a bit, and the rear brake disc is up to 276 mm, from 265 mm.

No Canadian details yet such as pricing and availability.


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