New Boulevards for Suzuki lineup

The Boulevard M90 is returning to Suzuki's lineup.
The Boulevard M90 is returning to Suzuki’s lineup.

Suzuki’s 2013 cruiser lineup will include the new-ish C50 and M90 Boulevards.

The C50 doesn’t seem to have changed much for 2013.

Of course, the M90 has been offered before, as a mid-sized cruiser between the C50 and M109, but it had been dropped from the lineup. It’ll have similar styling to the M109, a 1462 cc motor with liquid cooling, and will be available in black or grey.

The bike will have EFI and a five-speed transmission. Curb weight is 723 pounds.

The C50 model hasn’t been tweaked much visually; Volusia owners seem to think the main difference is revised transmission gearing.

And, somebody in Suzuki’s marketing department finally figured out that the Gladius’s name was just unsuitable for a motorcycle. They’ve renamed it; now it’s the SFV650.


  1. They’ve also retained and upgraded the long-lived and much loved LS650 (S40 boulevard) … now has EFI!!! OK Suzuki time to follow Ryca Motors lead and introduce a TU650X with the LS650 motor!

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