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Four hoofs good, two wheels bad

Wonder how many horsepower that puts out? Photo: KTM

We’re not sure exactly where this photo came from, but KTM had it on their Facebook page. Perhaps it’s the hospitality cart for some Afghani off-road rally?

Source: Bikes in the Fast Lane

Survival of the fastest

Perhaps you should pack this book on your next motorcycle ride.

If you’ve ever ridden much in remote areas, you’ve surely wondered: If I crashed into the bushes here, how long could I survive before somebody found me?

A 40-year old rider from East Yorkshire in the U.K. found out the answer to this question the hard way when he crashed earlier this month. He hit a road sign and ended up in the water in the bottom of a ditch.

He laid there for three days until searchers found him, and brought him to hospital. He’s being treated for broken ribs and hypothermia – but that’s much better than being fitted for a coffin.

Story source: Visordown

Public protest

“Come on boys – to the ballot boxes!”

You may or may not have heard of Alexander MacKenzie, but if you haven’t … well, he’s more famously known as the Ballot Box Bandit. The Nova Scotia man gained international attention for stealing a ballot box on election day. Having paid for that idiocy, the loon was at it again this summer, this time entering a local parade on his sidecar motorcycle – and dragging the Canadian flag behind.

Not happy with merely offending the residents of one town, MacKenzie then went to another town to repeat the performance – until the town doctor went to the motorcycle, ripped MacKenzie’s fake ballot box off the back and destroyed it.

Now MacKenzie has the RCMP pressing charges of mischief under $5,000 against the doctor. He may want to stick it to The Man, but he’s more than happy to use The Man for his own ends. So much for the days of the anti-establishment biker …

Story source: NG News

Russian madness

Here’s another gritty dash-cam video from the grim streets of Russia.


  1. Al mck is a complete dweeb who only survives his idiocy because other people have fought and died for the rights he disparages. He is yet one more reason citizens should carry side arms

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