A Baja race in Africa?

Rally racing: Hot, sandy, and expensive. But there's nothing else like it.
Rally racing: Hot, sandy, and expensive. But there’s nothing else like it.

NPO, the outfit that organizes the OiLibya Rally of Morocco, is running another desert race next month, called the Baja Maroc.

Of course, this has nothing to do with the races SCORE organizes in Baja Mexico, made famous by the film Dust to Glory. NPO is instead best-known for their OiLibya rallies. The 2012 edition of their OiLibya Rally of Tunisia, which has been running since the early 1980s, made headlines earlier in 2012 when they were forced to cancel it, due to security reasons.

Now, though, they’re offering riders a shot at the Baja Maroc, running October 14-16 in Morocco – at the same time as their OiLibya rally in Morocco.

This race will be a little different from the famous Paris-Dakar rallies; not only is it shorter, but the route is marked for riders, removing the navigation aspect of the race. Perhaps that would make it more accessible to amateur racers. It’s likely a little late to enter, but if you’re interested, the rules and entry forms are here; you’d better be able to speak French, though.

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