Dawn til Dusk 2012 a success!

Lunch stop, on last year's D2D. That's a lot of 250s, but we're hoping for more this year! Photo: Ron Kierstead
The riders and their rides … at the end of the ride. Photo: Ron Kierstead

CMG’s 2012 Dawn til Dusk rally ran on Saturday, starting and ending at Toys for Big Boys in Moncton, and a good time was had by all.

Lunch stop in Hampton, N.B. Photo: Ron Kierstead

The rally (for motorcycles 250 cc and less covered about 600 kms of New Brunswick back roads in about 12 hours. We had several new riders this year, and most folks returned from last year (the only rider who wasn’t back didn’t have a 250 to ride).

As always, there were a few hiccups along the way; in a repeat of last year’s performance, Editor ‘Arris ran out of gas, and several riders were lost … repeatedly. But everyone finished on time, and nobody was hurt. Except, maybe, for their backsides. A twelve-hour day is a pretty long haul on a 250.

We’ll have a full write-up of the rally soon. Until then, we’d just like to send a thanks to Larry Northrup and the crew from Toys for Big Boys, who helped out with logistics and also provided several machines to ride. We appreciate the help!


  1. Another great run. Two in a row. This was uneventful for me. No breakdowns or gas shortages and my backside didn’t complain too much, thanks to my padded in the right places bicycle shorts. I even missed the rain on the way home.
    Nice to see other folks on these two-fiddys showing how to cover so much of rural NB and enjoying the ride. Next year there will be more. Also thanks to the folks at Toys for Big Boys. They were there with donuts when I got there at half six in the morning and had hamburgers for us at seven in the evening. Way to go boys.

  2. It was nothing less then EXCELLENT!! Who would have imagined that there could be so many people like me that like a 250cc motorcycle, and were willing to put their body through 12 hours of riding pain… oh those narrow seats!! Hats off to the organizers and sponser, now the real question is…..what is the date for 2013?? Details, details, details????

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