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Bike theft, Part 1

Here’s one of this week’s hottest YouTube bike videos. The story starts in a Ducati dealership in the U.K., where some scooter-borne baddies decided it was time to upgrade their rides – at the business’s expense. So, they armed themselves with some hammers and tried to walk off with a couple of Panigales.

But the dealership’s staff thought otherwise, and put up a scrappy battle to keep the bikes. Predictably, when met with a little resistance, the greedy wankers who wanted to rip them off decided it would be easier to flee instead. Watch it all below!

Bike theft, Part 2

New York City: It may be the largest city in North America, but you can’t trust the cops to take care of your bike. Photo: Wikipedia

Apparently, even a motorcycle dealership can be targeted for theft, but your motorcycle should be safe with the police, right? Wrong. A bunch of bikers from New York City found this out the hard way when their bikes were stolen not once, but twice.

The story starts earlier this summer, when justice officials in Manhattan announced they’d busted up an international ring of motorcycle thieves. Not only did they pinch some (alleged) perps, they also recovered some motorcycles … and then left them in a truck in a lot with no security. No locks, no guards, no cameras.

You can guess the rest of the story. Now the 63 recovered bikes are gone again. Unfortunately, the incompetents responsible for this screw-up are probably still around, and will be until retirement.

Story source: Visordown

A quick getaway

We doubt the suspect is going to get a tie next year on Father’s Day. Photo: Wikipedia

New York isn’t the only city with motorcycle-related crime. Take a look at Salt Lake City, where a motorcycle incident earned a man charges for aggravated assault, failure to respond to an officer’s signal to stop, reckless endangerment, driving with a suspended or revoked license, speeding and driving without an ignition interlock system (he was required to have one after being convicted of a drunk driving charge).

What was the incident that the charges stem from? Apparently, the suspect was out shopping the back-to-school sales with his 13-year-old son when the police spotted him, and he fled on his two-wheeler. He didn’t want all that dead weight slowing him down, though, so police say he did the only reasonable thing (at least, reasonable for a scumbag). The cops claim he pulled over, pushed his pillion-riding son off the back of the bike and told him to run, and proceeded to make his getaway attempt (note that we didn’t say getaway success – the whole “push-your-son-off-the-bike” diversion wasn’t a success).

All we can say is, we hope this guy has won a Dad of the Year award in the past … because we doubt he’s going to win one in the future.

Story source: Salt Lake Tribune

A batty bike racer

Ever heard of Johnny Rock Page? The oddball AMA-Pro Superbike racer is also a write-in candidate for the Presidential election in the U.S. this year, although he’s likely hurt his chances with this wacky video extolling the virtues of marijuana. It looks as if the whole clip was weed-inspired.


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