Back in business: Lehman Trikes resumes operations

Want a third wheel for your Kawasaki? Call Lehman, they're back in business.
Want a third wheel for your Kawasaki? Call Lehman, they’re back in business.

Lehman Trikes is back in business, building Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki conversions.

The founded-in-Alberta outfit closed its last Canadian plant in 2008, but has continued making three-wheeler conversions based on production motorcycles at their U.S. plant since then; the company’s future was in question, though, when founder John Lehman died this past January.

Since then, the company found a buyer in June; since then, they’ve been phasing in a return to full-scale production. Now, they’re saying they’ve returned to business as usual. They’re also saying they’re working on new product development; they say that  “Customers can expect  exciting products in the near future.”

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