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That engine from the RC8 will certainly be lots of fun on the street. Photo: KTM
That engine from the RC8 will certainly be lots of fun on the street. Photo: KTM
Supposedly, KTM worked hard to make this super-adventure bike a viable offroader. Photo: KTM

We’ve been keeping tabs on developments with KTM’s new big-bore adventure bike for months; we’re still trying to figure out their long-term strategy (is it a 1190 or 1290 motor?), but here’s the latest dope on the dual-sport rocket.

According to Asphalt and Rubber (who heard it from Motorrad), the new bike’s V-twin motor is derived from the KTM 1190 RC8 R superbike, putting out 150 hp. Impressive, no? Here are some other details: The bike supposedly has a 507-lb curb weight, 6.3-gallon fuel capacity, 21-inch front wheel, ride-by-wire throttle, switchable off-road ABS, traction control, and two different power mappings – one for the street, and one for the dirt.

Front brakes are dual-disc 300 mm units; braking in rear comes from a single 265-mm disc. The machine has a steel frame and inverted front forks, and seat height is 33 inches.

Here’s what the motor looks like, stuffed into that frame. Photo: KTM

KTM’s adventure bikes have always been more dirt-oriented than its competitors; will this machine live up to that heritage? That’s an awful lot of power and weight to be throwing around in the mud; roughly translated, Motorrad’s impression of the motor is that “The furnace from Mattighofen goes like the devil.”

But they also say KTM’s primary purpose with this machine was to build a viable off-roader, and they succeeded – Motorrad calls it the strongest enduro of all time. We’ll just have to wait and see if they’re right or not.


  1. The actual suspension on these standard is better than a 990 standard for offroad. I’m just waiting for the opportunity to take my one off road on a decent trip and put it threw it paces.. in terms of fragility, the crash bars are remarkably solid and there isn’t any hanging off bits and pieces.. both the brake and gear lever are foldable, as well as the standard foot pegs.. it will take drops and oopsie’s better than my old BMW (although not tested and prefer not too as KTM’s pricing is more than BMW for parts in case you do break something)

    and on road, this thing is an animal.. I doubt i have to add anything to that..

    • Troy, I’m interested in getting a KTM 1190 Adventure. Can you let me know model you got and what price it was? I’d also be very interested to hear how it performed off road.

  2. Doesn’t look as off-road worthy as the old 950/990 Adventure is – down-pipe’s lower routing means ground clearance suffers and they’re too vulnerable without a decent bash-plate. The huge muffler is also too exposed! Better to have them tucked away as with the 990. These may be unfortunate design compromises due to tighter noise/emissions regulation… they should have just made a 690 Adventure 1st!

  3. It ought to be quite a fun bike to ride, much as my 990 SMT is, but looking at the other “Adventure” bikes available there’s more of a focus on the touring part as opposed to the off road part. Sure, some smart a$$ online motorcycle guy may take one of them off road and prounounce it possible but from what I’ve seen (as well as my own experience) these are fun streetbikes and good dirt road bikes but just too heavy and fragile off road. Or maybe if I had a pocket full of money and a group of people to ride with I wouldn’t have been so worried off road. Nah, probably not.
    I hope KTM sells a ton of them though. In my opinion the fun factor AND useability visavis the cost of purchase and ownership makes them a GREAT bike to own.

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