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Look ma, no hands!

“Yeah, baby, I’m going to be late for dinner – I’m getting a massive fine for riding with no hands.” Photo: VietNamNet

Ever heard of someone using their feet to operate their scooter controls? Probably not, unless it’s one of those inspirational speaker types – you know, the ones who play the harmonica with their feet during school assembly and tell you to follow your dreams no matter what.

Or, you could just be a bored guy who wants to send text messages while he’s out for a ride, like the Vietnamese guy in this photo. Apparently, they showed him the harshest punishment they were allowed to; they served him with a fine of 12 million VND, which sounds like a lot, but actually works out to about $570 CDN.

Story source: VietNamNet

A new kind of off-road

No matter how knobby your tires are, there are some places you just can’t go … like across a lake. But no worries! Now, you can buy a new “bike” that can even handle that chore. Check out the video below!

Apparently, some outfit called Aerofex is working on building these. The machines look like they have the opportunity to be pretty fun. Alas, their company instead plans on wasting these machines’ potential, by instead building them for non-profit doctors to ride across wilderness wastelands, delivering medicine to the middle of nowhere. And, they plan on keeping them pretty slow – no MotoGP hoverbikes are coming soon.

Oh well. Maybe they’ll be available on the used market some day, ready for a GSX-R 1000 engine transplant …

Pay up or else

Now, we wouldn’t recommend our readers go out and kidnap cameras on their own, but the idea is certainly appealing, no matter how illegal it is.

Speed cameras: Who needs them? Free-spending politicians, who see your money as their budget, that’s who. But motorists hate them, and a group of Italians fed up with the cash-grabbing machines did something about it; they too the law into their own hands. Actually, they just plain broke the law.

Instead of just smashing the camera, or painting over the camera lens, they went a step further and broke into a police storage facility, and stole a speed camera. Then, they sent a pasted-together ransom note to authorities with their demand. It was pretty simple; it simply said (in Italian) “Return the money.”

Of course, we can’t see that happening; if not, we can only hope the kidnappers follow through and put the camera to death – a horrible, long, grisly death. Maybe by giving it to a curious toddler to disassemble …

Another wheelie “wizard”

Here’s this week’s wheelie fail. You gotta wonder how this guy’s girlfriend felt …

A not-so-clean conscience

Little did he know the police were around the corner!

It’s one thing to steal a motorcycle, but it’s another thing to get away with it. That’s what a criminal from Borneo, called a “habitual motorcycle thief,” found out when he was nabbed after ripping off his latest bike.

He didn’t go out in blaze of glory, a pistol in each hand, though – the fuzz caught up to him as he was taking a shower, just after stealing the bike. So much for his clean getaway …

Story source: Borneo Post

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