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Drinking and Riding

Drinking and riding is never a good idea, especially if you’re forgetful.

We’ve heard a few interesting drunk driving defences over the years, including ex-Mountie Monty Robinson’s “last drink” defense that earned him house arrest after killing a motorcyclist with his car.

But what about forgetfulness? That’s the excuse James Meldrum of New Zealand used recently when hauled in front of the the judge, facing a charge of driving with excess alcohol.

Meldrum pleaded guilty to the offense after an incident that saw him taken in by police after they followed him for speeding. As they followed him, Meldrum crashed on a corner. The police said he reeked of alcohol when they arrested him. His excuse? “I suffer from terrible memory loss. I had forgotten that I had had a couple of cans previously that day.”

He also said he drank to put himself to sleep, which begs the question: Why would anyone want to sleep when they were going on a motorcycle ride?

Story source: News & Star

But does it float?

Ever hear of a motorcycle having wooden brakes or wooden suspension? Maybe they got the phrase from this bike.

Rocket Man

We think the builder above should collaborate with this guy … they’re sure to set a record immediately for the world’s fastest wooden motorcycle, possibly followed by a record for the world’s fastest blazing fireball.

Failure to launch

Here’s another wheelie failure video. We’ve put a  lot of these up lately – CMGers should know by now what they SHOULDN’T do.

Danger on the streets

Motorcycling can be fraught with peril in China, especially if you’re a little girl riding on her father’s gas tank. Thankfully, nobody was run over in the making of this video – barely.

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