More details for 2012 Dawn til Dusk Rally

On Sept. 15, show up on your 250cc motorcycle and take in the Dawn til Dusk Rally.
On Sept. 15, show up on your 250cc motorcycle and take in the Dawn til Dusk Rally.

Here’s the latest information about CMG Online’s 2012 Dawn til Dusk Rally (map posted at the story’s end).

This year’s rally will take place entirely in New Brunswick.

As we said earlier, the rally will take place entirely in New Brunswick this year, starting and ending at the Toys for Big Boys motorcycle dealership in Moncton, N.B.; not only are they giving us a start and finish line, they’re also going to throw in some coffee and donuts in the morning, and likely some eats at the day’s end as well.

Oh yeah, and they’re going to have some door prizes for riders as well.

We’ve selected the Holiday Inn Express in Moncton, near the airport. it’s not the closest to TFBB, but it’s the best we could find for Murray’s trailer, which brings us nicely to …

We’ll also have a chase truck, like we did last year, courtesy of Murray and Janet, and it’s be packed with tools, nuts and bolts, tie wraps, duct tape, compressor tire plugs, paper towel handcleaner, a water jug and  even a drain pan and oil aboard, in case Ass’t Editor Kurylyk decides to do a little maintenance mid-ride, like last year. Riders are welcome to throw their rain gear, tool kit, or whatever else they want in the truck as well.

Other details: We’ll likely stop mid-day for lunch around Hampton, N.B.; it seems to make the most sense on our time scale. We’ll be riding through the Fundy National Park, but the nice lady at the gate tells us we don’t have to pay admission, as long as we don’t stop on our way through.

This ride leaves Toys for Big Boys at daybreak (around 6:30), and we’ll be back 12 hours later around sundown (give or take some time, depending how the day goes), so make sure you’re dressed appropriately for the temperature changes, and if you use a sheepskin or Airhawk or similar seat pad, you’ll probably want to have it along.

If you’re coming, and you have more questions, you can find us on Facebook here (please join the group if you’re definitely coming) or leave us comments at the bottom of the article.

And last, but not least – here’s the tentative map we’ve laid out. It’s likely going to see a few tweaks before the 15th, but this is what we’re looking at for now. It’s about 600 km but if anybody has suggestions/tweaks, please let us know!

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