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Mr. Seck’s madness

We’re sure at least one CMGer is going to adapt this to a motorcycle helmet.

If you’re a longtime CMG reader, you’ll recall a time in the past when a mythical character named “Mr. Seck” was a frequent contributor. Mr. Seck did it all – he did advertising work for CMG, took photos, and wrote stories … and had a long, sordid history of nasty crashes. In other words, he fit right in.

Well, Mr. Seck’s been busy in the days since he left us; he had a gig in Pakistan teaching design and photography, then moved back to Canada, where he and his brother-in-law apparently invented a bicycle mirror that can be bonded to your helmet.

Very trick, right? Is a motorcycle version coming next? If it saves only one rider from a horrible Seckian accident, it’s worth the effort!

Anyway, should you want to buy one of these contraptions, they’re available for pre-order on indigogo.

Do the ton!

Because the only thing better than surfing at the beach is riding there on your cafe racer. Although, we suspect it’s a bit tricky in the corners.

Some adjustments needed

This stunter is going to have to tweak his routine a bit if he wants to make it to the big-time – although, we can honestly say we’ve never seen this trick before.

It came from the skies

Just the thing for a cross-country balloon jaunt?

Here at CMG, we see people using motorcycles for many purposes; there’s touring, off-roading, racing, commuting, impressing members of the opposite sex, and so on. But we’ve never heard of one being used for hot-air ballooning.

Until now, that is. We ran across a story in the U.K.’s Telegraph newspaper this week, telling of a couple that takes one with them in their hot-air balloon. And it’s not even a full-sized hot air balloon, it’s basically a couch with a balloon attached.

Of course, it’s not a full-sized motorcycle either, it’s some folding contraption they bought off eBay. Still, it apparently serves its purpose on the streets well. After the airborne pair lands their gassy rig, one of them unfolds the motorcycle and rides back to fetch the car – they say the balloon, the bike, and the two flyers all fit in the car.

It’s not something we ever figured we’d see here at CMG, but at least the balloonists can probably make claim to a Guinness record, for catching the most air on a folding motorcycle.

Tunnel vision

You should always keep your eyes on the road, no matter what distractions are around you. They say chicks dig scars, but if you got them while running into a car parked directly in front of them, they likely won’t be as impressed.

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