Product news: RPHA helmets, new book

Here's the ad for the new helmets, if you're able to read the small print.
Here’s the ad for the new helmets, if you’re able to read the small print.

Parts Canada is going to be selling the RPHA series of helmets in Canada.

Here’s the cover to LaPlante’s new off-roading book.

They’re not well-known in Canada, but the lightweight lids from HJC are well-known in Europe. Parts Canada will bring in the RPHA Max modular helmet at $489.95, the RPHA 10 street/roadracing helmet at $409.95 and the RPHA X Factor motocross helmet at $389.95 (we couldn’t find a link for that one).

We’ve also got our paws on a copy of Gary LaPlante’s new book, How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles. LaPlante is the owner of MotoVentures Training, Tour, and Trials, and he’s put together a 178-pg book (with 311 photos!) to give you the mad skills you need in the dirt. It’s available from and all major book chains.

We’ll have a review of the book whenever ‘Arris gets around to reading it … stay tuned.


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