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A lesson that cost him deerly

When you’re racing, you need to be ready for anything … especially if it’s a (legal) rally race on public roads. The secret to overcoming adversity, though, is to bounce back – in this case, literally.

Wet and wild

Forget Evel Knievel. Real men don’t need a Triumph or Harley-Davidson to pull off an epic jump.

Our Chinese crook’s new room without a view. Now he should be able to focus on that diary better than ever. Photo: Wikipedia

Bike thief biography

A good businessman always keeps accurate records. But what if you’re in the business of crime?

A Chinese motorcycle thief landed himself in a lot of hot water recently when he was arrested in the process of stealing a motorcycle. He offered a nearby cabbie some money to help him make off with a locked motorcycle, and the suspicious cabbie alerted police, resulting in the arrest.

So, this crim doesn’t sound very bright, right? It gets worse. Police decided to read his diary and found the thief kept records of all his heists. It turns out the bumbling bad guy had stolen 88 bikes in the five months before he was caught, and wrote the details of all his crimes down in the diary. He even recorded the prices he sold the two-wheelers for, so he would know exactly how much crime pays … although that wage is likely going to change quickly when he goes to trial.

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Big-bore scoot

Here’s what you can do with an 1100 cc motor and a scooter. Not that we’d suggest it.

High mileage hi-jinks

Motorbikes are the vehicle of choice for many Vietnamese, but now the government wants to ban them from the streets after they reach a certain age. Photo: Wikipedia

If you read international news, you’ll see the same story frequently: more and more often, motorcycles are being blamed for traffic problems in Asian cities.

Our good Communist friends in Ho Chi Minh city have come up with a solution: to reduce pollution and traffic problems, government is considering yanking bikes off the road after they reach a certain age, upon which they allegedly become unsafe and make more smog. Tell that to all the folks organizing classic bike rallies here in North America …

Of course, some onlookers are crying foul – after all, some riders don’t put that many miles down in a year, so it would be unfair to confiscate their bikes. One academic’s proposed solution is to pull bikes based on their odometer mileage, instead of date of manufacture. As if bike riders don’t know enough to disconnect their odometer/speedometer cables …

Story: VietNamNet

Cop hop

This motorcycle cop was supposed to be escorting the Olympic torch across the U.K.; thankfully, he had time to stop and show the crowd that law enforcement isn’t all about batons and tear gas.


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