2013 Victory Boardwalk: Video, photos, specs

Now you can buy a Boardwalk, and return it if you don't like it.
Art deco styling, eh? That’s the kind of crazy idea that just might work, especially now that Victory owns Indian.

Two weeks ago, we told you Victory was working on a new cruiser, named the Boardwalk. Well, here it is. It replaces their Kingpin model.

The motor is Victory’s Freedom 106 1740 cc air/oil-cooled eight-valve V-twin, mated to a six-speed transmission. The bike rolls on 16×3.5-inch wheels front and back, has a 64.8-inch wheelbase, a 25.9-inch seat height, and a dry weight of 675-lb dry weight. The bike has EFI with a 45 mm throttle body.

The Boardwalk slows down with a 300 mm floating disc with a four-piston caliper up front, and a 300 mm floating disc with two-piston caliper in back. Canadian MSRP is $16,899 for the black version of the bike, and $17,299 for the white-painted version.

Holy retro styling, Batman!

The machine has the widest handlebar that Victory has put on any of their machines. The Boardwalk has 43 mm forks up front with 5.1 inches of travel and a monoshock in rear with 3 inches of travel, LED turn signals, belt drive, a 150 mm tire in the rear and a 130 mm tire up front.

There are several factory accessories available for the Boardwalk already. Riders can add saddlebags, a tall windscreen, a backrest, heated grips, cruise control and two-up luggage rack. These bits – Victory says they’re easily bolted on – should make it easier for Boardwalk owners to go touring, configured as a light bagger.

As for styling – well, check out those fenders. Victory seems to be going for the art deco look, which meshes nicely with their purchase of Indian.


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