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A rodent who rides

It turns out that Ralph, from The Mouse and the Motorcycle, isn’t the only rodent on two wheels. Photo: Wikipedia

While the rest of the world’s motorcycling pet lovers are figuring out how to haul their dogs on their bikes, Suki Mixon in West Ashley, South Carolina, has a different animal she likes to take for rides – her pet squirrel, Zipper.

According to Mixon, Zipper loves riding on the bike, coming over as soon as she sees Mixon getting ready to ride.

The safety-conscious Mixon even has a leash and helmet for the squirrel (although it seems she has no such concerns for herself).

Supposedly, says Mixon, people are so surprised to see the squirrel aboard her bike that distracted drivers have caused three accidents already.

Although it may seem dangerous for the squirrel to ride on Mixon’s motorcycle, it probably isn’t that unsafe; instead, the real peril is probably the extremely good chance that one of Mixon’s neighbours in the southern U.S. will unwittingly cook up her pet as part of their supper. News, Weather

Story source: Fox 19

Sidesaddle antics

Perhaps this rider was hoping to give riding lessons to the Queen? Or maybe he was taking the term “Slideways” to a whole new level?

Stopping Crime Does Not Pay

This sign gives you a good idea of how the vigilantes of the past worked, in the Wild West. Law enforcement was a little less organized in those days.

If you’ve ever said that motorcycle thieves deserve vigilante justice, think again. It seems, at least in the U.K., that the Crown is more than happy to take you to the cleaners after the thieves do.

Consider the story of 50-year-old John McGough, hailing from Sunderland, who set up a sting operation after his son’s motorcycle was stolen. McGough did what any good bobby should do (but didn’t, likely because they had a fresh box of donuts to get to) – he found a local fence for stolen bike parts, saying he had another bike to sell him. When the 19-year-old suspect showed up at a surreptitious meeting, McGough and his friends grabbed him and held him for police.

Except, when they got there, the police didn’t appreciate McGough and Co.’s fine work – they arrested them along with the suspected thief, charging the vigilantes with attempted kidnapping (even though they apparently were just hanging on to the suspect until police arrived).

The supposed crook was questioned but the bike was never recovered. Mysteriously enough, he never showed up in court to testify against his alleged “kidnappers,” though, so the charges were dropped, although one of the group ended up pleading guilty to a charge of “affray” (basically, intimidation through unlawful violence or threat of violence) and got a suspended sentence. He’s got to do 120 hours of community work now.

So, if your machine gets pinched, at least in the U.K., sit back and take the insurance money, just like The Man wants you too. After all, Big Brother says we’ll all be better off that way – the bobbies can go back to writing traffic tickets and the government can collect tax revenue off your higher insurance premiums in the future. As the disco song says, Everyone’s a Winner!

Story source: Visordown

Pillion peril

Here’s what happens when you mix two inexperienced riders with some poor clutch work …

The theme continues here …


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