California Scooter Company coming to Canada

The whole range!
The whole range!

What? Who?

Well if you happen to hanker after a kinda minibike – cruiser cross with a 13 hp, 150cc air-cooled single capable of 95 km/h, then you are in luck. The California Scooter Company have just been approved by Transport Canada to sell their wares up here.

According to the company’s website, the line of scooters/motorcycles are inspired by the Mustang motorcycle built in Glendale, California in the 1940s, 50s, and early 60s.

The modern hard-tail versions are now built at their factory in La Verne, California for the last two and a half years, save for the motor that is imported from Taiwan, and based on Honda’s mighty CG unit.

The bikes are being brought into Canada by Clem Ryan of Clem’s Customs — based in Toronto — and will be opening a shop in March 2013, although bikes can be ordered directly from the website – the first 20 of which will come sans the $500 shipping and duty fee.

Who’s going top be the first to take the Greaser to the Mods and Rockers bash in Toronto on 25th August?

Models include the Classic ($4295), Greaser ($4395), Sergeant ($4595) and Babydoll ($4595) though differences are limited to colours and tires, with the Sargeant and Babydoll coming with a backrack.

As you’d expect, there are mountains of accessories and all bikes come with a 1 year warranty (the company encourages owners to work on the bikes themselves, but will pay a local dealer of your choice to do warranty work if required).

For more information check out their website at (though it won’t be finished for a couple more days) or contact Clem directly at 647-403-6696.


  1. What do you think Mr. Editor – they’re calling them scooters, but would they qualify for the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally? Don’t really conform to the step through frame…

    • Last year we opened up the mad Bastard to include any motorized two-wheeler under 110 cc, whihc worked really well. These may be a little on the large size but worth a thought.

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