Cycle Canada sold, again

CC's ownership shifts shape this time.
CC’s ownership shifts shape this time.

Cycle Canada magazine has been sold to a new publisher. Although no press release was sent about the sale (and no mention is made on their website), their site did show the change in ownership in its footer, replacing the LC Media logo with a new ‘Les Editions Jean Robert Inc’.

Although we received no comment from LC Media publisher Jean Lemieux, an inside source tells us that the deal was finalized Monday of last week and included all the ATV and motorcycle titles — including Moto Journal and Cycle Canada — most of which were apparently losing money, according to the same source.

We’re not sure what this means for Cycle Canada’s future, which has been experiencing rocky times since the original sale from Turbopress, only to narrowly survive bankruptcy shortly thereafter in 2007.

Our source tells us that the intention is to keep on all the existing staff for now, but as with the original change of ownership to LC Media, it would not be unexpected to see changes in both admin and editorial staff as the new company puts its stamp on the magazines.

And there be the new owners

Les Editions Jean Robert is a hobby magazine publisher with titles covering decor, crafts, sewing, beads and  … motorcycles. Until now they only produced French language magazines which were produced in Quebec and distributed through  newsagents in Quebec, New Brunswick and in specific regions of Ontario.

What this ultimately means for the future of the magazines is unclear. It seems that print publications the world over are being bought and sold as the industry tries to compete with the ever dominating free internet model and falling ad sales. We’ll be sure to update you as and when any more details become known.

UPDATE 10th August – this from ex CC publisher Jean Lemieux:

Jean Lemieux

We sold Cycle Canada and Moto Journal, the 2 best motorcycle magazines in Canada (circulation wise and content as well) because a publisher now needs to be multi-skilled with the Internet, social media and mobile. This adds to the tasks that comes with the production of a printed magazine.

LC Media had 7 magazines, 10 web sites, 10 mobile sites plus 3 annual guides in 4 different area (motorcycle, atv, boat and car). We decided to concentrate our energies and resources to the boat and car industries because the web is booming so fast in cars.

The titles owned by LC Media were all leaders and it does not suffice to simply maintain the leadership.  I believe the print will survive and adapt, Cycle Canada and Moto Journal are strong titles and will be there for a long time especially with the experience and skills possessed by management at Les Éditions Jean Robert.

BTW, I think he meant to specify that Cycle Canada and Moto Journal are the two best print motorcycle magazines in Canada!

Editor ‘Arris


  1. I’ve subscribed since it switched to magazine format. I still like it for the most part but my tastes have changed over the years. I think it currently provides lots of interesting stuff though in a different way than before. I miss the “Bad Wrap” kind of stuff that made me laugh outloud but probably wasn’t as popular with the manufacturers.
    I hope it continues but the environment in which (nearly all) business is conducted now is such a grind and with profit margins lower than ever it will be an uphill battle.
    I don’t think Canada can support..what is it 3, 4 or 5 Motorcycle magazines monthly?

    • “I don’t think Canada can support..what is it 3, 4 or 5 Motorcycle magazines monthly?”. It can’t. The government spends over $100k on an annual print-only subsidy to Cycle Canada alone, without which I think we’d be down to two, and (god forbid) a level playing field with internet magazines … Sigh

  2. If it means not having to read about Neil Graham’s sexuality every issue, I’ll take out a three year subscription in support. I mean, he can write well and I generally like the other content (although I think the “design” stuff should have been a feature rather than a regular article, and bring back a tech column in its stead), it’s just that I don’t want yet another metaphor or waxing poetic about his past girlfriends.

  3. it would be a pity if the editorial staff were let go. CC has recently featured writing that is much more interesting to me than the traditional motorcycle testing (isn’t it wonderful) and new product shilling that fills most of the North American motorcycle press.

  4. its not surprising its sold……but they have no idea on how to make money…so is the new owner more savvy?…ha!….lets see

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