Audi considering building scooter or motorcycle

Coming soon, to a scooter near you?
Coming soon, to a scooter near you?

Fresh off their purchase of Ducati, Audi is reportedly thinking about building a two-wheeler of their own.

The German car manufacturer’s sales and marketing manager spilled the beans to Autocar this week, saying his company wanted to provide “future mobility solutions for urban travelers.”

As expected, the company bigwig says Audi would likely work with Ducati on the project, but it wouldn’t just be a Ducati wearing an Audi badge.

Maybe German automobile makers know something we don’t, and the future of transportation involves clutchless step-throughs?

VW has already explored the concept of an urban-friendly two-wheeler already, with their E-Scooter concept that’s made the rounds on the show circuit, and after decades of building motorcycles, BMW recently brought out their C600 and C650 GT scooters, which are also supposed to be aimed at the commuter market.


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