Alleged B.C. YouTube speeder charged

This YouTube video went viral, then was pulled by the original poster. Someone saved a copy, posted it again, and it went viral again.
This YouTube video went viral, then was pulled by the original poster. Someone saved a copy, posted it again, and it went viral again.

Back in April, we told you the story of a B.C. biker who gained YouTube infamy for his 299 km/h ride posted on YouTube; now, police have finally gotten around to laying a charge in the case.

Police had a suspect in mind at the time, but alas, the motorcycle from the video was registered to his mother. As a result, she was slapped with $1,449 in fines and had the Yamaha R1 seized when she wouldn’t rat out the rider (assumed to be her son).

Something must have snapped, though, because police have finally laid a charge of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle to 25-year-old Randy George Scott. We haven’t heard if he’s been taken into custody or not, but there is a warrant out for his arrest.

You can see the original video below.


  1. Lot has been said about this but don’t they have to catch the little wanker red-handed, actually ON the bike?

    Seems it wouldn’t take much of a public defender to get him off. “Your Honour, my client left his bike parked and somebody rode off with it. Yes, they then returned it to his mother’s house. Yes, they carefully parked it in the garage.”

    • Hey Steve. I’m no McGarvey, but even I could get this lad off this charge.
      ECXEPT his maw’s statement to the Polis.
      The Judge shall look at the “evidence” and find the copper’s note re: maw’s
      comments to be a trustworthy. Then, the lad is fooked.

      Once on my Gamma 500 a member of Toronto’s got stroppy. He was off-duty,
      and a goof. My daft maw shot off her mouth. I told the judge that 2 of my 3 brothers
      had bike accreditation and often ride my bike.

      Also, a pal said we were out drinking and driving in my Grand National that day.

      Outside of Court I shoved a gun in the clown’s face. Never heard from him again.

      Mind, that was back in my psycho days.

  2. My father gave me the big slip a time or two but this twit was “ratted out” by his pears. The cops new nothing until then.

  3. 25 and stupid. We all made mistakes at that age. Who did he harm?
    There is not a real parent that would have “ratted” the son.

    I have a pal who’s dad once told the Cops that the other brother was off
    getting a hair-cut (after rolling a car into a ditch in Richmond Hill).

    At the age of 21, I stepped out of my maw’s motor at a set of lights and
    thumped an off-duty cop in the face. He was a wanker.

    Three days later, he showed at ours at 1 in the morn in uniform. My paw
    told him to fuck off rather smartly. Mind, the next morn I was greeted with
    a sharp smack head-wise.

    Cop was a twat, and my dad knew this. He was miffed at being awakend.

    The two previous posters are of an opposite philosophy.

  4. “…when she wouldn’t rat out the rider…”

    You use the same terminology when people won’t tell the police about other law breakers? The thing that “snapped” is multiple witnesses coming forward

    I expect better of this place.

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