Ural Motorcycles sees growth

If you've always said "I would buy a Ural, if they only came in orange" ... well, you're in luck this year.
If you’ve always said “I would buy a Ural, if they only came in orange” … well, you’re in luck this year.

Sales are up again at Ural this year; the company is claiming a 25 per cent sales growth in the U.S. so far, over last year’s sales at the six-month mark.

The Russia-based sidecar rig builders are also saying sales are up in their home country, in Europe, in Australia, in Japan, and here in Canada, although we haven’t seen the exact numbers. Supposedly their factory is increasing production to meet the growing demand, though.

Along with increased production also comes new dealerships; Ural also announced several new North American dealerships, including Ames Motorsports in Edmonton and Ural Toronto in Markham.

Want to know more about Ural’s recent successes? Check out their re-designed website here.

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