BMW releases details of F700 GS

Get your BMW F700 GS to a dealer and have them bring your sidestand up to spec.
BMW has updated their F650; now it has a retuned engine, ABS is standard, and it’s called the F700 GS.

BMW has announced details of their new F700 GS, coming to Canada in the fall of 2012.

The new F700 has optional electronically adjustable suspension and traction control.

The F700 will be an update of BMW’s F650 GS, which was the German outfit’s entry-level machine in the F series. It’s still powered by an 800cc vertical twin engine, but the motor has been retuned; BMW says it has higher output (up 4 hp, now putting out 75 hp at 7,300 rpm) as well as more torque, along with shorter gearing.

The F700 also gets double dual-piston 300mm floating disc brakes up front as well, and a single-piston 265mm disc in back. The machine comes with ABS as standard now. Buyers can also add on electronically adjustable suspension and traction control as options, which BMW claims is a first for this segment of motorcycling.

There are other more minor changes to the bike; BMW has revised the windshield, switchgear and cockpit gauges, and updated the bodywork and paint (red, grey and silver are available) as well. The bike has cast aluminum wheels up front (19-inch) and in back (17-inch) ; a 400w alternator means riders should be able to power all the accessories they want.

Bodywork, gauges, and switchgear have all been updated for the new F700 as well.

They’re claiming a wet weight of 209 kg; the gas tank has 16 litres before you hit reserve, with about four litres of reserve.

Along with the F700 GS, BMW also announced some changes to the F800 GS, including ABS as standard.

The F800 also gets bodywork, switchgear and gauge upgrades, same as the 700, as well as optional electronically adjustable suspension and traction control. Riders can also have their F800 lowered at additional cost, as a factory option. There are new paint options (metallic matte, blue, or white) as well as an optional LED accessory headlight.

Pricing on the new F700 GS and F800 GS will be announced later this year.




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