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Getting it backwards

So you think you can ride backwards? Maybe not? Well, the riders in these two videos thought they had a handle on it.

One of them sits backwards on his seat to ride down the street, only to horribly fail as soon as he turns around. The other has a bit of a dump when he demonstrates his bike’s ability to do a reverse burnout, without calculating his front brakes’ loss of ability when he’s in reverse. At least he was pumped about his failure!

The real round-up

Sure, Larry Tate does a great job with our race coverage here at CMG. But if you want a scintillating video summary of MotoGP, check out this clip from LosMiniDrivers on YouTube. Apparently, this is a regular feature …

In the courts

Hopefully we won't be sued for running this photo we found on Wikipedia.

The Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota is sort of a mini-industry for the town; for a few days every summer, riders flock there, spend tons of money, then go on their merry way.

But there’s another business sideline springing out of the rally – lawsuits.

Apparently, just about everybody in Sturgis is suing somebody else. Right now, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Inc. (SMRI) is suing Wal-Mart for selling shirts saying they’re official Sturgis rally wear. SMRI claims they have ownership of the words Sturgis and Black Hills; they’re also involved with a lawsuit and counter-lawsuit with a group calling themselves Concerned Citizens Of Sturgis, who don’t think it’s right that a company is trying to hijack their town’s name (apparently the secretary of state, Jason Grant, agrees).

If that wasn’t enough, the publisher of Easyriders magazine is now involved in a legal dust-up with the Easyriders Saloon & Steakhouse in Sturgis, saying they’ve breached their licensing contract with them, to avoid royalty and commission obligations.

Want more? Apparently, the rally itself is getting so expensive for the town to host, due to increased personnel costs, city government is saying they may run a deficit, despite all the tourism dollars the rally brings in.

Our suggestion? Maybe they should just tax all the lawyers, and make it too expensive for them to get their greedy fingers involved.

Story source: Cyril Huze Blog

Snake attack

Riding a motorcycle at 250 km/h without proper gear is dangerous. Finding an unwelcome stowaway slithering through your fairing at speed is even worse …

The perfect pad

Your garage doubles as a bathroom in this apartment complex, so you know where to head if you've got leaky fluids. Photo: Gizmag

Motorcyclists often wish architects were more motorcycle-friendly. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all just wheel our bikes into our basement for the winter?

Well, a Japanese designer has heard our cries, drawing up plans for a block of eight apartments in Tokyo that were specifically built for motorcycles. Unlike many of these concepts, these plans actually went to construction.

What does the motorcycle-friendly apartment have to offer? Well, ground-level garages for your motorcycles, for one thing. But because, space is at a premium, some of the garages also double as bathrooms … so if your motorcycle runs like crap, you can blame the architect.

Story source: Gizmag



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