Ryan Hurst to appear at Niagara Motorcycle Show

"The Niagara Motorcycle Show is that way, Bro."
"The Niagara Motorcycle Show is that way, Bro."

If you want to meet Sons of Anarchy Star Ryan Hurst, you’ll get your chance at the Niagara Motorcycle Show.

The show runs July 20-22, and Hurst will appear on the last day of the event. That’s about all the details we have; the show says they’re going to post more information on their website later.

While most motorcyclists will recognize Hurst from his roll as outlaw biker  Opie Winston, he’s also acted in high-profile films  including Saving Private Ryan, Remember the Titans, The Ladykillers and Rules of Engagement.

He’s been on Medium, Wanted and Taken on television as well – but he doesn’t look quite the same without a long beard and hair and leather vest.

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