New Moto Guzzi California 1400 photos

Here's a full side shot of the machine.
Here's a full side shot of the machine.
Here's a look at the California 1400 with some bodywork stripped away.

We’ve got some more spy shots of Moto Guzzi’s California 1400, leaving us to ask – when will this bike actually hit showroom floors?

The shots, published on Visordown, give us a closer look at the new V-twin’s controls, as well as a shot of what the bike looks like sans bodywork.

We got our first look at the California 1400 way back in January of 2011; since then, we’ve had glimpses of the motorcycle, but not much in the way of official announcements. Some photos, apparently official in origin, surfaced after this year’s American dealer meeting, but that’s pretty much all we’ve seen from Moto Guzzi’s management.

The new California's lone gauge combines a speedometer, tachometer, gas gauge, thermometer, and probably some other functions.

This version of the machine lacks the air shocks seen in some earlier photos, and you can see the exhaust, gas tank and transmission covers are missing.

This is the first time we’ve seen the bike’s single gauge; it combines a tachometer, speedometer, thermometer and gas gauge, and some other functions.



  1. Sadly reminds me of Triumph’s Thunderbird cruiser, both being abhorrent form over function offerings, catering to the NA market. Hopefully the motor’s a peach and will prove practical in other incarnations.
    The bulbous exhaust system unmasked midstream, is particularly amusing…

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