Three new models from BMW?

Supposedly, the new liquid-cooled adventure bike will be ready for salesroom floors by fall. Photo: Motorrad
According to rumours, the new liquid-cooled adventure bike will be ready for salesroom floors by fall. Photo: Motorrad

If this weekend’s spy shots are any indication, BMW is very busy these days.

First off, we’ve got a new look at BMW’s new liquid-cooled R1250GS project, from German mag Motorrad. Check it out!

There are different reports from around the world, but in some areas, riders are saying it’s getting hard to purchase a new air-cooled BMW GS. Other riders are reporting BMW is simply building enough bikes to meet current orders, but is doing their best to make sure they don’t have any left lying around at the end of the year. And of course, some riders are saying it’s all nonsense, the big 1200s are available anywhere you want, any time you want.

Supposedly, this is another project BMW is working on - an air-cooled standard. Photo: Motorrad

And of course, riders are also split on whether the idea of a liquid-cooled R1250GS is a good idea.

Some are welcoming the idea of having more horsepower, while others are perfectly happy with their current power on tap, and prefer the simplicity of an air-cooled mill for an around-the-world ride. But since BMW has no problem selling their liquid-cooled Sertao and F800GS, it’s highly unlikely they’ll have difficulty selling the bigger machine if they add liquid cooling.

Now of course, news of the liqui-cooled GS has BMW fans thinking this could be the first time in the company’s history they don’t have an air-cooled bike in their lineup.

Well, traditionalists need not worry – Motorrad also has photos of an air-cooled, retro-styled machine  that could possibly continue to carry the torch.

That’s not the only unfaired project BMW is supposedly working on, though.

This is the last spy shot for today, we promise. Supposedly, this is BMW's new naked streetbike based on the S1000RR.

BMW’s S1000RR superbike has seen plenty of success on racetracks around the globe, and that’s translated into decent sales. So of course, the next step is to follow their competitors’ examples – take the fairing off and sell the machine as a naked bike.

That’s supposedly exactly what BMW is working on. We’ve also got a very fuzzy photo of this new project. We’re not sure, but if you look hard enough, you might be able to see Bigfoot in the background …

Like any other self-respecting naked bike, we’re sure this will be somewhat detuned for street use. What we’re unsure of is, if BMW brings this machine to market, what does it mean for the F800R?

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