Video: Building a Ural sidecar

Say it ain't so! Ural has updated their classic machines with EFI and other tweaks.
If you ask us, the Ural factory would make a great visit for the Discovery Channel.

If you’ve ever wanted to visit the IMZ-Ural motorcycle factory, here’s your chance – via YouTube.

Ural uploaded this video to their Facebook page yesterday, showing some of the work that goes into building a sidecar. The footage is a little shaky, but you get a glimpse of the process behind construction of a hack.

In capitalist America, motorcycle hammers builder (with V-twin vibes), while in Soviet Russia, builder hammers motorcycle! It’s something we can’t picture in a Japanese repli-racer factory. There’s plenty of old-school persuasion involved in fitting this bike together, which is just fine with us, but explains a few things about Urals.

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