Honda releases pricing for NC700S, NC700X

The NC700 series could be getting a boost in displacement.
Honda has priced their new NC700X at $8,999 in Canada.

Honda has released the Canadian pricing for the new NC700S and NC700X motorcycles.

The street-styled NC700S has a base price of $8,799. The more adventure-styled NC700X will be priced at $8,999. That price includes ABS, but does not include the dual clutch transmission option available in other countries.

For comparison, here’s what other mid-sized twins costs; Kawasaki’s Ninja 650 carries a $8,299 price tag; their Versys costs $8,699, and the ER-6N costs $7,899 (all without ABS). Suzuki’s SV650 costs $8,399, their 650 V-Strom costs $9,099 and their Gladius costs $8,299 (all with ABS).



  1. Interesting op-ed over at Car & Driver about the state of things at big red. I predict the 700s will join the dn-01, varadero, and other aging spinsters in the showroom. The specs do not look good compared to other mid-range bikes such as the 650 kawi, fz600r, and Honda’s own cb600. Maybe in ten years this is the kind of bike the govt will force on us, along with mandatory padded suits and orange vests.

    • So without ABS it is $6,999 in the U.S. With the addition of ABS in Canada, the same bike is a full $2000 more. So the addition of ABS effectively costs $2000 more than the same bike without ABS? Wow. Why not give us the same $6,999 bike in Canada without ABS? That price might justify purchasing a dual-sport bike that is incredibly overweight (472 lbs!!), boasts a rev limiter set at 6400 RPM (Fun!). Oh…..and 51 crank hp. At least Honda claims the bike will return about 77 mpg (CND). Bravo Honda. All for the introductory price of $8,999 in Canada.
      With all the mis-steps Honda has been responsible for in the last number of years, I think they really owe an apology to the consumer.

  2. The NC700X will be priced at $8,999 (Cnd) with ABS. But the NC700X will be priced at $6,999 (U.S.)(without ABS?) for our neighbours to the south. A full $2000 more in Canada. Is Honda aware of where our dollar sits currently compared to the U.S. dollar? Good luck Honda. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

    • I agree, crazy price difference, as it stands, give me the V-Strom for the extra $100, now if the Honda was $7000 I would probably choose it and pocket the $2100.

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