Video: Brammo Empulse R

Leno electric Brammo
Jay Leno seems to like the Empulse R.
Brammo is showing off their Empulse R on YouTube.

Electric bike makers Brammo have put together a new YouTube video profiling their Empulse R. Take a look!

Note how they subtly sneak in shots of the rider shifting gears, to remind you that yes, Brammo does put a gearbox on their motorcycles. Notice, too, that they have to fill the soundtrack with music, since electric bikes don’t have highly tuned exhausts to thrill your ears … Also, it’s amusing to note the girl in the video has a Champion spark plugs patch on her bike jacket – perhaps it’s supposed to be worn ironically?

The video’s message? Buy a Brammo and you, too, can go on environmentally-friendly hot dates.


  1. When the electric guys can give us a range of 200-300 kms, and a recharge time of less than overnight, we will talk…

  2. Having recently been treated to the turbine like whirr of a Zero, in downtown Toronto, I think that I could get quite used to it. Even enjoy it. You’d need the soundtrack, frequent use of the horn, or at the very least a hockey card in the spokes to keep from being run over though. I’m not part of the ‘loud pipes save lives’ group, but I have avoided being run off the road by being heard, on rare occasion.

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